[Tips] Method to Make Money With Youtube


Today i want to share a make money online method for you. Well im here because of a new method I have discovered of making money online and its legit. However, I am not here to Scam anyone, Im not even gonna be asking you to pay anything and you won’t even need to pay anybody anything. I just want us to succeed together. In case you do not know what is CPA(Cost Per Action), CPA is very simple: you get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action. The action can be just about anything, but usually consists of: filling out a form/submit email, getting an estimate or quote, signing up for a free trial, or buying something. For each completed action you will get paid from $1 to $30 depending on complexity, etc.

Requirements: Youtube Account & CPA Account. This method im going to teach is going to be making you up to $50+ everyday if you are commited. You can withdraw your money with Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or Check. For CPA account, i recommend you to sign-up on CPAGrip, they pay on time and very nice supports. Miminum payout is 50$. If you are ready, let’s roll.


  • Download up to 50 youtube videos: funny accidents,funny videos,fail comliation,funny pranks and all that stuff. After you download the videos(i use http://keepvid.com or Internet Download Manager) edit them with windows movie maker to change them a little bit so you will not have any problems with copywright.
  • After you edit the videos split them in 2 parts, make a power point window or small video saying something like this: “part 2 was removed by youtube because of violent and adult content(guys love that)! please clik the link bellow to watch part 2.
  • Add the power point window to the end of part 1 and upload it to youtube. So after you upload part 1 make a linklocker with part 2!!! I have 5 videos since yestarday with 450 views in total and i got 71 cliks and 18 conversions!!! Not bad!!! I advise you to upload more than 30 videos a day if you want to reach 30-50$ per day!!!


  • Go to Youtube and find a video that is high quality but not a main stream video that will get flagged by copyright such as a Game, Movie or TV Show. After you find a video check out the title and tags on it. Download the video with http://keepvid.com or Internet Download Manager.
  • After you download the video then you need to upload using similar title and tags but change it so the title is unique. Some titles that making me good $$$ ex: “[Watch] Mad Max Fury Road – Full HD” , “[Download] Mad Max Fury Road – HD 720p” or “FREE Mad Max Fury Road Movie Download”
  • Then you need to put a description of the game or movie and a link to your download page or linklocker. Don’t forget to shorten your linklocker with bit.ly or goo.gl

If you work hard and patience, im sure you will reach 50$ daily. And for the last, this is a tips on how to create unlimited youtube account without phone verification, read here. I will post more if i got an amazing method again. Happy earning.